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Focaccia slicer

Lauren wanted to made sandwiches out of a round focaccia loaf for an unusually long square dance session.  The question was how to slice it in half neatly.  Plan A was to firmly support both ends a long knife horizontally … Continue reading

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Shapeoko 2 calibration runs

Background After some issues with accuracy drilling holes in PCBs and concern about backlash with the GT2 belt drive that makes some real machinists roll their eyes, it was time to do some initial calibration investigation. Bill P brought in … Continue reading

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Re-registered TPMS – despite FTDI

Background: My new Prius 5 (not V) came with 17″ wheels/tires – rather than the 15″ ones that came with lower trim levels.  Great! (I thought.)  Larger tire diameter will translate to smoother ride!  Well, No.  The wheels are larger, … Continue reading

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Adventures with the Workshop 88 Cupcake

Driven by both my desire to be able to 3D print stuff for myself and desperation at needing to be able to do reasonable 3D printing demos for the schools and libraries that are asking us to do them, I … Continue reading

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Supply voltage brinksmanship for sound modules

I’ve been working on two “3 volt” sound modules – a micro SD card module for the dollhouse and a from-scratch flash memory sampled sound playback device for the starter’s gun.  Neither one actually works on 3.3V.  So begins the … Continue reading

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