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Cheap USB LiPo charger notes

I got a couple of cheap ($1.29) 1A USB LiPo chargers since I’m doing more and more LiPo/LiIon powered stuff.  I mostly discharged a recycled 18650 cell for a test load and it looks like it does charge at nearly … Continue reading

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Supply voltage brinksmanship for sound modules

I’ve been working on two “3 volt” sound modules – a micro SD card module for the dollhouse and a from-scratch flash memory sampled sound playback device for the starter’s gun.  Neither one actually works on 3.3V.  So begins the … Continue reading

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LiPo conversions

I’ve rebuilt several NiCd battery packs now, and all have been moderately successful.  But all except the one I used all new cells for (Ed’s DeWalt) have surprised me with one cell failing way earlier than I’d like.  Humpf. Now … Continue reading

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