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High Dynamic Range photos

Flame spreader

I’ve wanted a simple flame spreader tip for a propane torch for many years.  I recently got around to looking on Ebay etc, but couldn’t find a cheap one.  It helped when I saw a picture of one that wasn’t … Continue reading

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HDR partial success

After I hacked some pink/purple LEDs into some Christmas light strings and wanted nice pictures, I faced the usual problems of photographing lit LEDs. The ones I wanted were from outdoors looking into a window at night, making it even … Continue reading

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HDR lets me photograph LEDs!

After I suffered a couple of the standard dismal failures anyone trying to photograph lit LEDs encounters, Google quickly provided the relevant buzz term: High Dynamic Range.  Initial browsing showed lots of pretty pictures, but to the inexperienced eye they … Continue reading

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Skinny LED flashlight

I needed to see who was connected to what in the amplifier board of the Hilton repair project, but the traces were on the bottom of the circuit board.  I tried shining a flashlight between the board and the surface … Continue reading

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LED tester

One of the very useful tools that has earned a permanent installation on my bench is an LED tester.  It’s just an old 9V battery, a 560Ω resistor and a socket I can slip LED leads into. The battery was … Continue reading

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