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Shapeoko 2 calibration runs

Background After some issues with accuracy drilling holes in PCBs and concern about backlash with the GT2 belt drive that makes some real machinists roll their eyes, it was time to do some initial calibration investigation. Bill P brought in … Continue reading

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Shapeoko 2 PCB drilling – and scale error

Thanks to some urging from Steve S, we finally got geared up to try PCB drilling on the Shapeoko 2 at the space last Thursday (8/13/15).  (We had planned to use it to drill badge boards last September, but during … Continue reading

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CNC machine emulator for grbl

I don’t have a CNC machine at home, but several times I’ve wanted to do some kind of testing that sort of needed a machine to see what was happening.  Not particularly to print or cut – just to watch … Continue reading

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