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Shapelock protective case for Laur’s Prius fob

We had a quite unpleasant and mysterious problem with the Prius’ alarm sounding (lights and horn) when we parked in a quiet neighborhood front of some friends’ house.  (For a square dance.)  We got stuff out of the trunk, but … Continue reading

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Prius footrest

On road trips in the (new, 2015) blue Prius, my left foot is frequently unhappy.  It would like a comfy  place to rest – the way IT wants to sit.  While there is a nice left foot rest, it’s not … Continue reading

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Re-registered TPMS – despite FTDI

Background: My new Prius 5 (not V) came with 17″ wheels/tires – rather than the 15″ ones that came with lower trim levels.  Great! (I thought.)  Larger tire diameter will translate to smoother ride!  Well, No.  The wheels are larger, … Continue reading

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Half-frame sunglasses for Prius

I love polarized sunglasses for driving.  Cutting glare from  the road, the rear window of the car in front of you, bodies of water etc is a great thing.  Unfortunately, the instrument displays in my Prius are also polarized, and … Continue reading

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