Getting Tiny core working with Arduino 1.6.3

The first time I tried to compile for an AT Tiny84 with Arduino IDE 1.6.3, it failed with a warning and an error.  The warning was “Third-party platform.txt does not define compiler.path.”  The error was “Error while compiling: missing ‘recipe.cpp.o.pattern’ configuration parameter”.  I gave up and used good old 1.0.5 ERW, and everything was fine.

When I chased it a little later, I found that while high-low tech had a tiny core for 1.6, the google code hosted Arduino-tiny I’ve been using did not.  The latter did have versions for 1.0 and 1.5, so I downloaded  When I tried that one the ‘recipe’ error went away, but the ‘compiler.path’ warning was still there.  It did compile, though.

I looked thru the platform.txt file for the main Arduino 1.6.3 install, and found this line:

When I changed the platform.txt file in the new tiny core by replacing the line
with the one above, the warning also disappeared.  While it would be nice if the Arduino-tiny kept fully up to date, at least my installation works (and with this note, I can rebuild it if needed.)


I copied the boards.txt I’ve been using for some time (with tiny84@8 MHz and a hack to make the tiny2313 entry work for 4313s) to the new tiny core directory, and my boards showed up fine.  But when I tried programming a Tiny84 with an ICSP header and my USBAsp programmer, I had trouble.

I found a very helpful pointer that to program using a programmer (rather than the bootloader), there is an option in the IDE under File->Upload Using Programmer.  Cool!  I saw it work once, but later it complained “Error while uploading: missing ‘upload.tool’ configuration parameter”.  When I added this line to my boards.txt in the tiny84@8Mhz block, it compiled and uploaded thru the USBAsp:

I added corresponding lines to the blocks for tiny85@8MHz and tiny2313@16MHz (hacked for 4313) as well.  So now I think my 1.6.3 environment is up to date and stable for my favorite tinys.

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2 Responses to Getting Tiny core working with Arduino 1.6.3

  1. Andrew says:

    I love your projects and have learned a lot from viewing all of your posts. I’m actually in the process of building your arduino battery discharger / capacity tester.

    My main reason for posting, was to inform you that someone has “hacked” your site somehow. If you click on a post summary to view the entire post, the page will show “handjob santa” after your title “Jim’s Projects”. Also, that extra text links to some sort of spam site. Just thought I would let you know.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Andrew. I’ve been struggling with this for several months now. Seems to be a very intermittent hack. The words “handjob santa” have appeared after “Jim’s Projects” and also after “Workshop 88” in that same title block. You’re the second kind commentor to tell me about it.

      I’ve searched, but haven’t found any other references to such an intermittent hack. I guess I should write it up to record the details.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words and the heads up on the hack!


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