Notes for installation of solar panels

This summer I was seriously considering putting ~2.5KW worth of PV solar panels on the roof of the house and the garage.  (That was all that would fit.)  I was working with a guy from Earth Wind and Solar, and had pretty much spec’ed things out.  The state and federal incentives came to about a 60% discount on the job – how could I refuse?

This post is just to move an earlier page I had made with some careful measurements to help see what would fit.  That page was the only other item on my first “projects” placeholder page, so moving it let me point the link on my home page directly at this project blog (or whatever it is).

Unfortunately, my wife had aesthetic and other concerns I was not willing to fight, so the project never happened.

The original page is here.

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  1. Marc Irwin says:

    I also considered this undertaking. ComEd, I learned, will not pay for your generated electricity if you generate more than you use. Furthermore, most of your bill is not a usage charge, but a line connection fee. It would not eliminate my utility bill, nor would I ever get paid by the utility company. It amounted to a discount on future electric bills which wasn’t worth the financial outlay.

    That’s how my project died.

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