Prototype recording preamp mirror upgrade

I’ve felt a little like the shoemaker’s shoeless kids:  The shiny new recording preamps I make for others have a little window so you can watch the LEDs from out on the floor, while the ones I use – slightly older prototypes – don’t give me that feature.

Fixed!  After thinking about it for many months, I finally rigged a little mirror so I can see the LEDs from the edge.  It’s over the edge of the case (and the case has to be open), but I can see them now!

I epoxied a bit of shiny aluminized mylar packaging to a scrap of fairly heavy (0.016″) clamshell packaging plastic, and bent the plastic at an angle.  The LM3914 provided a perfect mounting for it.  A little hot melt on the chip, and I was in business.

It worked so well I made another one right away for my other prototype.  This is one of those little things that I’ll use repeatedly and will give me a little hit of pride/pleasure every time I see it.

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