Sweep first

I’ve been drinking Instant Breakfast (for breakfast) for I dunno – 20 years? – and have always used a favorite old glass.  Today while I was washing it, it popped out of my hands, fell on the floor and broke.

I kind of froze, initially startled, but then thinking about my reaction to this loss of an old friend.  Should I be mad at myself?  No – I wasn’t mad, or being careless, or too tired, or doing something dumb.  It was just one of those “stuff happens” incidents.  A sad one, unfortunately.

So how am I going to clean this up?  The kitchen floor is mostly white, so I had a pretty good view.  I gingerly got down on the floor to assess the distribution of shard sizes.  It looked like most were pretty big, so I wasn’t faced with a zillion tiny bits.

OK, I’ll pick up the big pieces and then sweep up.  And while the kitchen broom is nice and soft and should get the little bits, a final wipedown with a paper towel would be a good idea.

On my hands and knees picking up the big pieces, after about the second owie from a tiny shard I realized what the lesson from this was:  When you break a glass, sweep up first.  Not very profound, but might save a cut in the future.

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