Possible Glass Curtain Gallery presentation

I got kind of excited by the prospect of giving a talk at Glass Curtain Gallery about how artists and hackers could work together, and demo some of the sensors and outputs we could show them how to control with a micro.  I sent an email to the address in the request for submissions Jon Cates from dorkbots forwarded, and receiving no reply, looked up and left voice mail for Mark at the Gallery.

I don’t know if he’s just out of town or something, but there’s a growing possibility that what I’m offering is not of interest to them.  (Though I can’t imagine how that could be!)  So I’m throttling back on thinking about just what and how I’d present, but wanted to capture what had come up between my own thoughts and suggestions from other W88 folks before I stopped.

I used the open source “mind map” tool Freemind to capture and organize thoughts so far.   The tool isn’t perfect (and/or I’m not a pro with it!), but it’s still pretty useful.  I’d say this map’s a work in progress, but I’m trying hard to not spend any more energy on it unless I hear back from Mark.

If I do hear back, I’ll use this post to collect and polish ideas into a presentation script.

Update 4/20/12:  People keep offering cool new stuff for this, and I just add it to the mind map.  I rejiggered the links to the image above so I can easily export a new image and push it to where the link above points without going thru the hassle of updating this post, deleting the old image, and adding a new one.

Update 5/2/12:  I got a nice note back from Mark saying he was quite interested in talking to me about the presentation, although they were quite busy until May 15 with arrangements for an earlier exhibition.  I’m glad I captured my thoughts about this.  Guess I can think about it again 🙂

Update 5/8/12:  I just spoke with Mark.  He thinks the presentation I’ve described would be a good fit for their program, and is going to discuss it with his co-curator.

There’s an exhibition that will be on display in the September-October time frame, and a part of it will be the “Research Lab” in a sort of back room.  It will contain projects with explanations, demos, videos, manuals, and other resources for the students to browse.  My presentation would be part of that.  He pictures having it fairly early in the run of the exhibition.  Doing the presentation more than once is a possibility.

Anyway, (subject to agreement from Mark’s cohort) it looks like it’s on!

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2 Responses to Possible Glass Curtain Gallery presentation

  1. Mark Porter says:

    Hi Jim,

    I appreciate your interest in our upcoming exhibition. I am certainly interested in your project, it really does sound like a good fit. Please do not be discouraged by our lack of response.

    As you may be aware, we posted a deadline of May 14 for the call. After May 14, we plan to look over all of the projects proposed to us and make decisions as to which projects are best for the exhibition, that is why you have not hear back from us yet, because the deadline has not yet passed.

    I really appreciate your efforts to contact me, I am sure we will be in touch soon. I would like to encourage everyone to submit a project, no matter how big or small, the idea is to really pack as much high quality stuff into the Research Lab as possible, so that viewers are totally overwhelmed by inspiring projects.



    • Jim says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the comment here. Somewhere I’d gotten the incorrect impression that the deadline for the Research Lab was May 30, not the 15th.

      I look forward very much to putting together a presentation for the Research Lab!


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