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While working on stuff for the upcoming Tiny85 class, I accidentally plugged one in backwards.  After I heard the little “poof” I unplugged it and tried to pry the chip out before I realized it had gotten hot enough that … Continue reading

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Tiny85 fuse resetter

The AT Tiny85 is a great, cheap ($1.29 qty 1 at  Digikey!) little processor.  At 8 pins, little is the operative word.  Assuming you don’t need an external crystal (a good assumption for 99% of the hobbyist use cases of … Continue reading

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RG LED breakout quickie

I wanted to use an SMT red-green LED for a demo board for the Tiny85 class, but for initial development I needed something breadboard friendly.  Quicker than laying out and etching a real PCB for something this simple, I just … Continue reading

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ISP cable for Tiny 85 (and more!)

I got the cute little 8 pin Atmel AT Tiny85 working with the Arduino IDE by following steps and hints in this post and playing with a couple of different core libraries. At under $3 each, this chip is a … Continue reading

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