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Router resetter works!

The router resetter seems to have caught an outage this morning, power cycled the router and modem, and gotten things working again – all without my even knowing there had been a problem – just like it’s supposed to! The … Continue reading

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Router Resetter

I’ve had trouble for a long time with my router (or occasionally my DSL modem) getting confused and breaking my lifeblood Internet connection.  It can go months without happening, then happen multiple times in a day.  If I’m home, it’s … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Pogo HA server (and replacing a BGA chip!)

I got a watchdog email shortly before we left for the April Adventure weekend (email: 4/20 6:45P) about datafile and camera pic being older than the 1260 sec threshold.  I couldn’t get it running the morning before we left, so … Continue reading

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Xfinity (was AT&T Uverse) failures

Background The damn NVG589 modem on my ATT Uverse internet/phone service failed again today 12/5/15.  This post will be a place to keep details of this and subsequent failures.  There have been many in the past; I’m sure there will … Continue reading

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Notes on DSL problem

My DSL internet connectivity via SBC/Yahoo/AT&T has been pretty good.  I’ve finally got some intelligence in the script that pings my ISP so it can power cycle the modem and router when it detects loss of connection, and I think … Continue reading

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Rebuilding my Pogoplug house monitor server

Ya know, you’d think there would never be a situation when anybody would accidentally enter the following 2 commands in order: # cd / # rm -rf * That’s what I thought, too, until I just did it today.  Below … Continue reading

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Home automation reporting system

This is a work in progress! Overview The system starts with several small “sensor nodes” that monitor things (like temperature) or control things (like sprinklers).  They’re connected via an RS-485 network at 56Kb/sec on Cat 5 cable.  That cable also … Continue reading

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House monitor on Linux!

I’ve been trying to migrate the main server program for the home automation system off the main PC for a couple of years.  It’s a hassle to shut everything down gracefully when Microsoft pushes down yet another must-reboot update, and … Continue reading

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Welder is taking shape

An old battery charger, re-purposed as the charging supply for the welder is rewired and functional.  With thanks to some correspondence from Bob Van Valzah, I went with the dual half-wave arrangement using the center tap to get one diode-drop … Continue reading

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