Over engineered tennis ball on a stick

OETBOAS3049The lady said we needed tennis balls on sticks to clean the floor after the dance weekend, so that’s what we have.

The exit holes for the zip ties were surprisingly easier to drill than the entrance holes.  The cutout for the stick was best chomped out with a nice diagonal/wire cutter after a single access hole.  Though it left sharp places I didn’t like, there’s just enough of the free end of the ties to grab with a pliers if they need tightening.  That was a tough call.  There’s a chunk of closed cell foam from pipe insulation inside to spread the force of the end of the stick.  The hardest part was digging thru the collection of old broomsticks to select ones that provided proper chromatic bracketing of the ball color.

The whole thing, including the writeup took just under an hour.  Sometimes things go smoothly.

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2 Responses to Over engineered tennis ball on a stick

  1. Jim Harvey says:

    I’d think a paper punch would make the tie holes?

    How are these used? I don’t get it.

    • Jim says:

      Magic Eraser
      The goal is to remove typically black heel scuffs from the nice wood dance floor. While the tennis ball alone works, using it to scrub with a Magic Eraser is considerably more effective. The stick just makes it so you don’t have to do it on your hands and knees. Those mildly abrasive sponges are quite an effective general cleaning tool. I didn’t know about them until introduced in this context.

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