Reflowing LEDs/resistors on heated build platform

The heated build platform being built for the Makerbot at W88 should help avoid problems with prints warping.  It didn’t ship with the optional LEDs (and resistors) to make it look cool, but I had some and offered to install them.  Another opportunity for a hotplate reflow!

I just received some fresh solder paste and tried it on this.  It was MUCH easier to apply than the 5 year old stuff I used the first couple of times.  I’m getting a pretty good feel for how big the paste blobs should be.  Took just about 30 minutes to apply paste and place 25 LEDs and 26 resistors.

The reflow went as smoothly as the others.  I tried to get a video as the solder melted, but the change was barely visible.

I dug out a power supply and tested it and all the LEDs lit fine.  Another successful reflow!


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