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My attempt to make and use cupric chloride to etch PCBs.
A local copy of the Seychell paper is here.
An nice Instructable on the topic is here.

Cupric Chloride Etchant – Update

I had to go back to Ammonium Persulfate for the last of the Educube IR boards.  Etching was slow to very slow with the CuCl2 and results were poor.  There was substantial undercutting of traces around the edges.  That was … Continue reading

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My Cupric Chloride Etchant Experiment

Encouraged by promise of not having to dispose of etchant bearing environmentally harmful copper salts, I decided to try the great green cupric chloride etchant.  I started my batch with 8 oz 31% HCl and 4 oz of 3% H2O2.  … Continue reading

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