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Updated with new schedules

Recyclers 2018-2019 Schedule
dancing from 8:00-10:30
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A2 Dances C1 Dances
Sep 28   Dayle Hodge
Oct 19  Barry Clasper
Nov 9    Sandie Bryant
Nov 30  Michael Maltenfort
Dec 14  Sandie Bryant
March 22  Sandie Bryant
Apr 5  Dayle HodgeApr 12  Sandie Bryant
May 3  Sandie BryantMay 17  Ben Rubright

Since many dancers can't make it during the winter
months, we lose quite a bit of money on those dances.
The schedule above reflects a decision to try meeting
only once a month during December, January, February
and March.  We appreciate your understanding in this
departure from our normal schedule.

Recyclers has been providing great high level Advanced and C-1 dancing for the Chicago area for many years.

We're very fortunate to have Saundra Bryant as our club caller, with guest callers on some nights as available.

Our usual schedule is one A2 and one C1 dance each month September-May; adjustments are made to fit callers' schedules and avoid other dances.  The last tip of the evening is usually a star tip one level above the dance level.  Admission is $9/person for A2 and $10/person for C1.  We dance at the Deerfield Park District.  (map here).

Everyone looking for some fun, challenging A-2 and C-1 dancing is welcome!

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Lauren & Jim Williams
Shelley & Mike Mayfield



Pollywogs 2018-19 Schedule (Various Saturdays)
C-2:  3:00-5:30     C-3A:  7:00-9:30
About us
Fall 2018
September 29 Dayle Hodge (double session)
October 20 Barry Clasper (double session)
November 17
Michael Maltenfort (double session)
December 8 Saundra Bryant
(Open Holiday Dance, Potluck Dinner)
February 23 Michael Maltenfort (C2 only)
March 16 Sandie Bryant (double session)
April 6 Dayle Hodge (double session)
May 18 Ben Rubright (double session)
September 28Bronc Wise (double session)
October 19Michael Maltenfort (double session)
November 16Dayle Hodge (double session)
December 7 or 14Sandie Bryant (C2 plus dinner)
Pollywogs has been providing great C-2 and C-3A dancing for the Chicago area for many years.

In addition to local callers, we take advantage of out-of-town callers whenever they're available.

Our usual Saturday dance schedule is C-2 from 3:00 to 5:30, a dinner break, and C-3A from 7:00 to 9:30.  If we find there isn't a whole square for 3A, we may make the second session C2.  This is determined on a dance by dance basis.

Admission for non-members is $12/person.  We dance at the Jewett Park Community Center, 836 Jewett Park Dive, Deerfield, IL 60015 (same as Recyclers).  (map here).

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Bob Siegel  773-339-6743